Pretend You’re Not From a Place

33” x 27”
Handmade paper, thread, spray paint, ink, charcoal, fire

This work came out of a period of contemplation before my daughter was born in August of 2023. As I prepared for her arrival, I parsed through the memories of where I grew up in my childhood home of Kennesaw, Georgia. Navigating the moments that have slipped through, lost to time, or have altogether changed based on stories told from family allowed me to focus on the natural beauty that surrounded my home. The perdurance of pine and oak trees set the backdrop for my childhood and framed my appreciation for this specific place in the American South. Raising my daughter just two dozen miles south in Atlanta, her memory will also be intertwined with this landscape. This work explores the quiet fortitude nature has had in my life in comparison to the chaos and business of growing up.